2021 Thousand Cankers Disease Survey Guidelines

The 2021 National Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) Survey Guidelines are now available on the APHIS website. This year’s guidelines include standardized techniques for detecting TCD. It also includes information on how to purchase lures.

TCD is native to portions of the southwestern United States, and is confirmed in 16 States across the country to date. TCD is considered a weak pathogen on a number hosts, but on black walnut (Juglans nigra) it appears to be a highly susceptible host and black walnut is a significant economic, social, and environmental resource.

To view the guidelines, click here. For further information on TCD, refer to the Website http://www.thousandcankers.com or contact William Wesela, National Policy Manager, 301-851-2229, William.D.Wesela@usda.gov; or, Bruce Moltzan, National Program Leader, Forest Pathology, 703-605-5336, bmoltzan@usda.gov

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