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Thousand Cankers Disease Webinar

This webinar on Thousand Cankers Disease was hosted by the US Forest Service on Thursday, March 28. This seminar series on thousand cankers disease is for landowners, extension educators, and natural resource professionals.

Click here to view the webinar recording.

The presentation titles, along with time stamps indicating when each presentation begins in the webinar recording, are listed below.

Webinar Presentations
Time Topic Speaker
0:00 TCD: Geosmithia morbida: the cause and basic biology Simeon Wright
Missouri Dept. of Conservation
27:00 TCD: Walnut Twig Beetle: the vector and basic biology Andy Graves
USFS Region 3 Forest Health Protection
58:15 TCD the National Report Bruce Moltzan
USFS Forest Health Protection
1:12:45 APHIS/Farm Bill National Report/Guidelines Julie Spaulding
1:56:00 Pennsylvania TCD Update Dana Rhodes
PA Department of Agriculture
2:22:45 Virginia TCD Update Norm Dart
VA Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
2:51:45 Tennessee and North Carolina TCD Update Paul Merten
USFS Forest Health Protection
3:14:40 Ohio TCD Update Dan Kenny
OH Department of Agriculture

This seminar series is brought to you by the following partners: USDA Forest Service State & Private Forestry and Forest Health Protection, Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center at Purdue University, Purdue University Department of Entomology, and the Walnut Council.

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