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National and State Maps of TCD

National and State Maps

Utah Information

The presence of TCD in Utah is confirmed.


No quarantine has yet been enacted in Utah. Be sure to check out the additional resources section to see how you can help limit the spread of TCD.

Reporting TCD

See information listed under additional resources.

Additional Resources

  • TCD of Walnut Fact Sheet (PDF)
    Source: Utah State University, Cooperative Extension
  • Learn about the risks of transporting firewood and help prevent the spread of invasive pests and diseases.
  • Resources to identify black walnut and thousand cankers disease can be found in our section for general information about TCD
  • Brief answers to many common questions about the symptoms, diagnostics, management, and prevention of the thousand cankers disease complex may be found in our frequently asked questions section
  • We suggest you first try reporting TCD using the contacts listed under "Report TCD" above as these contacts are likely directly involved with monitoring TCD in your state.

    If no contacts are listed you may also try reporting any suspected finds of TCD in your state to your state member of the National Plant Board, your State Department of Agriculture, State Forester, or Cooperative Extension Office.

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