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National and State Maps of TCD

National and State Maps

North Carolina Information

The presence of TCD in North Carolina was confirmed during the fall of 2012.


The North Carolina Department of Agriculture enacted an exterior state quarantine for TCD on September 9, 2010. The quarantine was amended on January 3, 2013, after TCD was confirmed in North Carolina during the fall of 2012.

For regulatory or quarantine questions, contact Plant Industry Division:
Phillip Wilson, Plant Pest Administrator, E-mail, (919) 707-3753

Reporting TCD

Individuals with suspect trees are encouraged to contact the NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division with the location and description of potentially infected trees by calling 1-800-206-9333 or by e-mail at newpest@ncagr.gov. Please do not collect samples. Samples should only be collected and transported by trained personnel.

You can also use the NC Forest Service Agency Contact website to contact your N.C. Forest Service county ranger for diagnosis assistance and management advice. Local rangers will refer potential positive trees to Forest Health or Plant Industry Specialists.

Additional Resources

For information about TCD in North Carolina, contact the NCFS Forest Health Branch:
Brian Heath, Forest Health Specialist - West, E-mail, (828) 413-2291
Kelly Oten, Forest Health Specialist - East, E-mail, (919) 609-1556

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